Indonesian Community in USA: 09 OCT Mobile Consular KJRI Chicago

Saturday, September 11, 2010

09 OCT Mobile Consular KJRI Chicago

Indonesian Community Event in Minneapolis, MN:

  • KJRI CHICAGO: mobile consular from Chicago is going to be in Minneapolis on:
    Saturday, October 9, 2010 @ 10.00-14:30
    Coffman Memorial Union, Room 324
    Check Indonesian Consulate website for details on what you need to bring: - Consular Section
    Please bring a pre-paid envelope to return your document after being processed.

  • PERMIAS open meeting
    Permias board member is giving you all, as our lovely members, a chance to give us your comments, suggestions, or critics about our upcoming events, past events, and just permias in general.
    Tuesday, October 12, 2010 @ 6:30-7:30 pm
    Coffman Memorial Union, Room 323
    If you want to give us comments, suggestions, and critics, here is your big chance! We hope we'll see you :)

  • MISA (Minnesota International Student Association)
    "Feast of Nation" event
    Saturday, November 6, 2010
    Great Hall, Coffman Memorial Union,
    FOOD FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD! and of course fashion show and other entertainments.
    What you can do: You can participate in one of the performances or the fashion show. Let me know if you have an idea in mind and want to do the fashion show

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