Indonesian Community in USA: 16 OCT An Afternoon with * CNN Hero *

Friday, September 16, 2011

16 OCT An Afternoon with * CNN Hero *

An Afternoon with Mr. Budi Soehardi * CNN Hero 2009 *
Sunday, October 16 ยท 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Holiday Inn Hotel Chicago O'hare @ 5615 N Cumberland Avenue, Chicago, IL

An Airline Captain by day,
A Community Crusader Championing Children at heart
Mr. Budi Soehardi is CNN Hero 2009 - Founder of ROSLIN Orphanage

This event is FREE of charge
All proceeds from donations benefit
Roslin Orphanage

"Roslin Orphanage
is dedicated to the beautiful children of East & West Timor who have suffered so much in recent years due to war, displacement and socio-economic hardship. It is our quest to provide a loving environment to orphaned children so they may have the opportunity to blossom and give their laughter and talents to the world. It is also our endeavor to assist in developing the local infrastructure, which has struggled to carry the weight of integrating the influx of displaced persons, to bring the dream of creating a prosperous community, where everyone has access to basic health and education, a little closer."

For more information, contact:
* Jason Sugita (708) 328-9139
* Kika Warokka (312) 493-7339
* Kismet Argopradipto (312) 804-0045
* Robert Ongko (847) 363-8532
Thank you and we look forward to meet you at the event.

Elevation Projects

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