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April - November 2011

The Spirit of America in the Heritage of Batik

The Indonesian Embassy in Washington D.C. and Indonesian Consulate Generals in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston are proud to launch a competition on "AMERICAN BATIK" DESIGN with the theme "The Spirit of America in the Heritage of Batik" to bring American values in the tradition of Indonesian Batik. The "AMERICAN BATIK" DESIGN COMPETITION (ABDC) is part of the efforts to strengthen Indonesian. United States cultural relations in the spirit of the "Joint Declaration on the Comprehensive Partnership between the Republic of Indonesia and the United States of America" announced by the Head of States of the two countries in Jakarta, on November 9, 2010.

The word Batik is originally an Indonesian-Malay word which means to dot. The term Batik usually refers to two meanings namely a way of painting and coloring textile using the traditional practice of dying cloth through wax resist method; and textile/garment with distinct pattern. This art of designing textile is widely spread in the Hindu and Malay world and has become the part of cultural identity. The tradition of Batik is very popular and well maintained as well as nurtured not only in the Island of Java, but also across the Indonesian Archipelago.
Batik always has a special place in the cultural life of Indonesians, and in October 2009, UNESCO has acknowledged and positioned Batik of Indonesia in UNESCO's Representative List of the "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity".

The main purpose of this competition is to make Batik goes global. At the same time, this competition will promote Indonesian cultural heritage through Batik to the American people and bring closer the Indonesian creative culture to American innovative popular culture. It is expected that this competition will facilitate the creation of Batik designs or pattern with the touch of American values and spirit. Hopefully, this competition will also bring about Indonesian Batik as fashion reference and commodity to the United States and the world.

The competition offers total prize money for 3 winners and favorite designs.

Judges will consist of Batik and textile experts as well as fashion designers and
representatives of fashion industries from Indonesia and the U.S. The selection of winners will follow four steps:
  1. Registration and Submission of digital designs. The 50 best American batik designs will be selected as semi finalists.
  2. Semi-final. 20 best designs will be selected as finalists and will be exhibited at the Indonesian Festival, July 9 in DC. These 20 designs will then be made into Batik Textiles in Indonesia, and the winners will be announced at the final session.
  3. Final selection. The 20 batik textiles will be reviewed by the judges. 3 winners and 3 runner up winners will be selected.

Participants interested in taking part in this competition must be a U.S. citizen with minimum age of 16 years at the time of registration. Participants will be required to submit online one Batik design through digital portfolio/media. At the semi and final session, preselected participants will be required to provide the printed products of the earlier submitted design. Students and graduates from School of Arts and Designs (e.g. textile design) are highly encouraged to apply. Interested participants should apply online via

Events TIME
  1. Launching of Competition Washington DC, NY, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
    April 8 : Washington DC
    May 11 : New York (tentative)
    May 19 : Chicago (tentative) April-May4
  2. Registration and designs submission April Week IV - June IV
  3. Selection of designs June I - IV
  4. Semi final July I - II
  5. Selection of designs II (semi final) July III - July IV
  6. Workshop, Final and Award Ceremony in San Francisco 14-16 November 2011
For more information, please contact:
  • The Embassy of Indonesia (Washington DC)
    Dara Yusilawati (Ms)
    Phone : +1 (202) 775 5226
    Email :

  • The Consulate General of Indonesia in Houston
    Irma Nadjamuddin (Ms)
    Phone : +1 (713) 7851691 ext. 109
    Email :

  • The Consulate General of Indonesia in Chicago
    Sylvia Shirley Malinton (Ms)
    Phone : +1 (312) 759 7453 (direct)
    Fax : +1 (312) 920 1881
    Email :

  • The Consulate General of Indonesia in Los Angeles
    Fiki Oktanio (Mr)
    Phone : +1 (213) 383 5126 ext. 13
    Email :

  • The Consulate General of Indonesia in New York
    Lintang P. Wibawa (Ms)
    Phone : +1 (212) 879 0600 ext 3213
    Fax : +1 (212) 570 6206
    Email :

  • The Consulate General of Indonesia in San Francisco
    Tb. Edwin Suchranudin (Mr)
    Phone : +1 (415) 474 9571 ext. 242
    Fax : +1 (415) 441 4320
    Email :

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