Indonesian Community in USA: 28MAR - Indonesian Festival 2009 @ MSP

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

28MAR - Indonesian Festival 2009 @ MSP

Salam Permias (Hello),

We, from PERMIAS (Indonesian Student Association), would like to invite you all
to the Indonesian cultural night, the INDONESIAN FESTIVAL 2009,
that will be held on Saturday, March 28th, 2009.
Coffman Memorial Union University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN.

For further details about the event, please see the attached poster.

What will you see in the event:
- Traditional dances
- Music performances (gamelan, etc)
- Band
- Merchandise
- and the best of all, FREE FOOD!!

Bring as many friends you can and DON'T be late!
I will see you there!

Warmest regards,

Darius B. Jaya
External PR
PERMIAS Minneapolis

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